“Hi I’m Vitória! I am orginally from Brazil and currently studying NZCEL course at Abacus Institute of Studies, Auckland. Teachers are very professional and they motivate us to speak English. We practise English with different topics and my English improves quickly!”
Vitória – NZCEL Student from Brazil


“I meet a lot of people during my studies and it is a really great experience! Abacus Institute arranges a lot of activities. I make a lot of friends and practise my English from time to time. ”
Pablo – NZCEL Student from Chile


“I used to be a really shy person that is afraid to speak English. After I join the NZCEL course in Abacus, I was given a lot of opportunities to speak up in front of others and I gain self-confidence after all the practise. I am so glad that I step out of my comfort zone!”
Aniqa – NZCEL Student from Pakistan


“What I love about Abacus is that teachers are well experienced and highly qualified. There are career workshops and platforms that equip our soft skills at the same time and I learned a lot from these activities! I meet a lot of friends from all over the world with the great nationality mix in the school. It is a great place to learn and experience the world!”
Adil – Diploma in Business & Enterprise Management Student from India


“Law is my favourite subject as the teacher teaches really well. He is so kind, helpful and eager to answer all students’ enquiries. With his help, I successfully understand the whole curriculum easily. I also enjoyed creativity management course as well! I learned the way to create new business. I was knowledgeable in supply chain management in the past. Now I have a chance to understand what business is and get to know other sectors as well! The journey widens my horizon! I met so many international students. It was a great chance for cultural exchange. I have never thought of making so many friends in different nationalities that has transformed me to be a more open-minded person. At the same time, I am able to practise English with my classmates.”
Alex – Diploma in Business & Enterprise Management Student from Russia