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What our students feel

Asking why I chose Auckland to study, this is because I thought it would give me so much benefit, such as improving my language skill, building career opportunity, meeting new friends, and enhancing my oversea experience.
When I arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, at first it was hard for me because I had no one that I asked for help and too many uncertainties, but then shortly after, I met some friends who supported many things, and things got better and easier day by day. The environment has been helping me improve my English language faster too, as all my friends are from different countries, apart from Thailand where I come from. People here are so kind and friendly. I am so lucky that I met good people here.
Being a student in Auckland is a good opportunity as well as you can work and study at the same time. Once you graduate from a college or a school as an international student, you become eligible to apply for a further visa. Then, you might be able to start working in New Zealand and gain new experience in life.
Speaking of my pathway, now I’m in the state of applying for my new visa and will start a new life in New Zealand. It is such a good opportunity for me to stay here to live and work. Studying business at Abacus gave me the chance to work as a manager in a hospitality industry. It helps you manage an organization and helps people develop themselves.

Nanthawan MANEERAT
Diploma in Business & Enterprise Management Level 7 Student from Thailand

Hi, my name is Javier Ramírez and I’m from Colombia.

I chose New Zealand because I thought it had great landscapes. It is not such a common destination though; the climate feels wonderful. Auckland, in spite of its costs, I chose this city as the first option since it is the commercial capital of New Zealand, besides the All Blacks play here in the Eden Park stadium.

I chose Abacus Institute of Studies because of its high academic level, in addition to sharing a very broad cultural ethnicity. Among its teachers and students, there is a cultural richness that makes you feel that you travel all around the world while in that place.

After I return to Colombia in the future, I will use my skill of English to work in a foreign study agency as well as aspire to study somewhere in the world. New Zealand surely remains one of the options that I would chose.

Javier Ramírez
NZCEL Level 3 Student from Colombia

New Zealand is a country with the full of natural diversity with beautiful landscape. It is one of worlds peaceful countries. New Zealand gives you a good quality of life and a world class infrastructure. People around the world visit New Zealand and enjoy breathtaking view. In my opinion, New Zealand is the best destination for international students. English is the first language where students can practice outside the classroom.
Moreover, it also has got amazing education system. Auckland is the world’s third best city for the quality of living. To my mind, Auckland is the best for me because it has good weather. The study option is fantastic which has best institutions, schools and universities. Similarly, the city is a multicultural where we can find people from all around the world.
I selected Abacus Institute of Studies because I am attracted towards the computer and digital field, considering the current situation that the whole world is developing and improving in a rapid way with the help of IT innovation and technology. The scope of IT is universal. Abacus Institute of Studies is one of the top institutions in Auckland. I am glad to study here. Likewise, it is ranked category 1 by NZQA. The teachers are cooperative and experienced. They provide all kinds of facilities and support for all students.

Dharmendra Shah
NZCEL Level 4 Student from Nepal

Hi I’m Vitória! I am orginally from Brazil and currently studying NZCEL course at Abacus Institute of Studies, Auckland. Teachers are very professional and they motivate us to speak English. We practise English with different topics and my English improves quickly!

NZCEL Student

I meet a lot of people during my studies and it is a really great experience! Abacus Institute arranges a lot of activities. I make a lot of friends and practice my English from time to time.

NZCEL Student

I used to be a really shy person that is afraid to speak English. After I join the NZCEL course in Abacus, I was given a lot of opportunities to speak up in front of others and I gain self-confidence after all the practice. I am so glad that I step out of my comfort zone!

NZCEL Student

What I love about Abacus is that teachers are well experienced and highly qualified. There are career workshops and platforms that equip our soft skills at the same time and I learned a lot from these activities! I meet a lot of friends from all over the world with the great nationality mix in the school. It is a great place to learn and experience the world!

Diploma in Business & Enterprise Management Student

Law is my favorite subject as the teacher teaches really well. He is so kind, helpful and eager to answer all students’ enquiries. With his help, I successfully understand the whole curriculum easily. I also enjoyed creativity management course as well! I learned the way to create new business. I was knowledgeable in supply chain management in the past. Now I have a chance to understand what business is and get to know other sectors as well! The journey widens my horizon! I met so many international students. It was a great chance for cultural exchange. I have never thought of making so many friends in different nationalities that has transformed me to be a more open-minded person. At the same time, I am able to practice English with my classmates.

Diploma in Business & Enterprise Management Student from Russia