Diploma in Business & Enterprise Management - Level 7

This qualification equips students with the business skills and knowledge required for 21st century management and leadership, develops a holistic perspective and critical understanding of strategic, environmental and societal aspects of businesses and their interrelationships.


New Zealand Diploma in Information Technology - Technical Support (Level 5)

The New Zealand Diploma in Information Technology - Technical Support (Level 5) course will provide learners with a firm foundation in Information Technology and understanding of the role, importance and the potential impact of Information and Communication Technology within diverse organizational and societal contexts. This course provides essential knowledge and skills on features and functions of networking components, installation, configuration, support and troubleshooting of network hardware, protocols and services. The component adopts a hands-on approach to equip learners with these essential knowledge and skills .


New Zealand Diploma in Networking - Level 6

The New Zealand Diploma in Networking-Level 6 is to impart the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude required to be with integrity and responsibility as an IT professional, contributing positively to society. The component also imparts effective communication and interpersonal skills required to work effectively and efficiently in an organizational environment, achieving quality outcomes.


Diploma in Networking (Level 7)

The Diploma in Networking (Level 7) prepares learners for professional positions in the specialised areas of computer networking, or for further studies in the fields of computer networks and Information Technology.


Abacus English Course - NZCEL

Abacus English Course - NZCEL english language courses for students to prepare for study at university, polytechnic or college in New Zealand or other English-speaking countries. Gain pathways to further study at tertiary level. This course improves both academic communication skills and students study skills. KNOW MORE


85% of our graduates achieve employment within 3 months of graduation*. Our graduate survey revealed that most of our graduates are working in the desired jobs after completing their graduation, which is quite encouraging for us and our present student fraternity. *according to 2015 survey
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