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International students joining Abacus Institute of Studies, need to have the appropriate insurance coverage to ensure the safety, well-being of the students studying at the Institute. The policy requirements would also ensure that the Institute is protected in the event of an emergency and all compliances of the New Zealand Qualification Authority’s Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 are met.

Code of Practice is available at the following link:

Detailed information regarding the revised Code of Practice 2016 is available at the following link on NZQA website.

Advice on Policy Requirements

  • All International students are required to have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance for the duration of their planned study at Abacus Institute of Studies, as specified in the Code.
  • Abacus Institute of Studies shall advise all prospective students of the standard wording as set out in the Code of Practice, and provide information on the education provider’s medical and travel insurance requirements.
  • Students purchasing insurance should purchase insurance cover at the time of fee payment and before they leave their home country. Students will be required to advise the Institute of their dates of travel/travel plans so that insurance policy could be activated accordingly to cover them from the start of their journey.
  • Where insurance is provided from a New Zealand company, policy details should be provided in the student’s first language where possible.
  • In the case of overseas policy providers, students must provide Abacus Institute of Studies with the policy details in English, before the student starts attending the classes.

Please visit the following link on the insurer’s website for more details regarding insurance costs and policy documents:

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