The Institute allows credit transfers to be awarded to students in respect of courses taken at other tertiary institutions prior to enrolling at the Institute. The Institute’s credit transfer policy will be guided accordingly by NZQA’s guideline for credit recognition and transfer.
Abacus Institute shall ensure that:

  • All credit transfer decisions are fair, defendable, consistent and open;
  • There is an at least 80% match between the respective course learning outcomes and at the appropriate level.
    Credit transfer decisions are timely so that there will be no barriers for learners to access courses offered by the Institute;
  • Credit transfer processes facilitate access to the Institute’s courses without undermining the standards of the qualifications offered at the Institute.

Special Notes:
Credit transfer is a process whereby credit already achieved in another accredited tertiary institution is recognised and accepted for transfer towards a qualification offered by the Institute. This should be differentiated from a cross credit where credits achieved from a qualification may be transferred towards another qualification within the Institute. It should also be distinguished from recognition of prior learning which is non-formal learning acquired through informal education, work and/or life experiences.

Procedures and Responsibilities :

  1.  Application for credit transfer shall be made by students on enrolment. The applicants will provide authenticated documentary evidence of their previous relevant studies with the application.
  2. Completed courses considered for credit transfer shall have contents that are substantially similar to the respective courses offered by the Institute. Credit transfer may be granted to unit standards within the same domain.
  3. The Director: Learning & Training shall approve all credit transfer applications. Approval for credit transfer may be in the form of exemption from a course module; certain unit standards within a module or a right to advance to a higher level on the basis of previous relevant study.
  4. In most instances, the Institute will only accept application for transfer of credit only for courses taken at the universities, polytechnics, wananga and private training establishments in New Zealand. Courses taken from an institution from outside New Zealand will need to be assessed by NZQA before any credit transfer may be granted.
  5. Transfer of credit will only be granted to learners who earned a letter grade of “C” or better for criterion referenced / norm referenced assessments or a “A”(Achieved) in the case of a standards based assessments.
  6. Where NZQA Credit Transfer Schedules are available, credit transfer arrangements will be automatic and be guided accordingly.
  7. To reflect currency of knowledge and skills, all credit transfer will be time bound. Abacus Institute will only consider for credit transfer for courses that were undertaken by the student within the last 4 years. Beyond that, decisions for credit transfers shall be made on a case-by-case basis.
  8. All credit transfers shall comply with the respective course approval and accreditation requirements. These requirements may include requisites and regulations prescribed in the respective courses offered by the Institute. Information regarding credit recognition and transfers shall be made readily available and accessible to all learners.
  9. Applicants may also be required to sit an assessment test to verify subject knowledge and / or competencies.
  10.  All credit transfer decisions shall be documented, based on adequate evidence being supplied by the students concerned and can be justified. A letter advising learners of the credit transfer decisions shall be issued by the Director: Learning & Training’s office and sent to the applicants concerned. The letter shall also indicate to the students the established process for the credit transfer decision and provisions and process for appealing the extent of credits granted.
  11. The application process for credit transfers shall be referred to in the Student Handbook, and other promotional materials produced by Abacus Institute.